About Us

Beautiful Design and Top Functionality
Having coming from the architecture world, we marry the ideas of form and function. It’s hard to say which of these is more important to us, because they truly go hand in hand. If something functions well but it’s not pretty, we wouldn’t want to buy it.

There is nothing more frustrating than when something fails to work they way you’re expecting it to. The zipper doesn’t zip, items fall out of a pocket, or jewelry gets tangled. We’ve been there before, and we work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure we’re using the best quality materials for each product we make.

Fair price
We strive for each entity in our supply chain -from manufacturer to end consumer- to feel like they’re getting a fair wedge of the pie. We will never look to “make a killing” on a product. It’s just not our way. If you’re paying more for something, it’s only because we can’t sell it for less and feel like we’re getting our fair wedge. We’d rather sell you that product that you can afford and love even more because you didn’t have to break the bank to purchase it. By operating this way, we have low barrier to entry and happy customers who write us great reviews (hopefully) which leads to more products purchased and ultimately leads to happy vendors because we need to restock more often. It also allows us to innovate with variations.

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