Our Process

Our products stem from our passions. We are avid travelers and all the things we have created have stemmed from our own needs and not being able to find the exact product we wanted in the marketplace.

Our ideas come from our own needs or those of others. We are out there taking to customers, colleagues and friends all the time. We ask our employees to tell us when they have one of those moments when they think “I really wish this product/this product would be so much better if it only had…THIS FEATURE!”. After we come up with an idea, that’s when the fun begins!

We piece together our new and improved product using a combination of online tools, existing products and pictures of products. After we come up with a rough design, we source several manufacturers to create a prototype for us. When we have several prototypes, we look at the quality of the materials, cost, function and other factors that will ultimately effect our end user (you :-). 

We also test the prototype ourselves and often give a sample to a friend to test for a bit. We make sure the product functions as we hoped it would, that it has solved our initial problem that we set out to fix in the first place and that it holds up seamlessly after many uses. 

Design Edits
In most cases, we go back to our manufacturer and make some edits to our design based on what we’ve found during our testing process.

To Market
And finally, we place order and bring our product to market. After this phase, if we find that we receive feedback about anything else we might have missed, we’re still open to making some minor tweaks. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated with a product, please reach out to us with your idea! We’d love to create the perfect product based on your experience!

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